Scared and in need of help.

I had sex on the 25th of November  unprotected, he didn't nut. But I always was told having sex unprotected can be a risk of getting pregnant. A few days went by and I was feeling fine. So at the beginning of December I was feeling sick but it passed. (So I checked my <a href="">period tracker</a> to she when my period was due which was the 16th thru the 18th) The week before my period i was having some cramping and my nipples was tender and very sore and I woke up one morning so sick. I was having what I call baby vomint(not a lot just a lil like when a baby spits up) eventually that passed, my period hasn't started yet (and I also know that sex can push your period back but in the past it was only a few hrs late or even just one day.) I also have like milky white discharge in my panties and its a lot more discharge then normal, and It never really milky white. Its just clear. I dont know if I am stressed and thats causing my period to be late or pregnant. Can somebody please help me.