Do you see anything?

I'm on cd 26, 13dpo. Expect AF on 12/25. Took a test on Friday (10dpo) with FMU and it was negative. Took 2 this am with FMU and I saw a line in one. Used another one with the same FMU and almost nothing in the second for the first 5 minutes but then a line showed up after 10 minutes (test recommends 5 minutes). The pic is 10+ mins later. Can it be an error or does it mean anything that the same sample resulted in different results? I will take another tomorrow am. I'm scared of letting myself feel happy about this. We have been letting nature take its course for 18 months, and 8 months actual ttc with dates, 4 months with opk and another app ​and this is the 5 month with an opk plus glow.