Fever/ hot tub, who knew?!? Ugh!

Jessica • Edd 11/9 #3 after losing 6 mo old daughter last July & having a tubal reversal in September. Hoping for a rainbow baby!
So DH and I have recently been sick and he has had a fever twice in the last 2 weeks.  I googled how a fever can affect sperm and lo and behold it said it can kill off around 35% of them and it takes 72 days to regenerate!! :( on top of that it also mentioned hot tubs can do the same thing and since October we've been getting in the hot tub after we go to the gym! Ugh my being naive is disappointing me now! But it does she'd some light on one reason why we may have been having difficulties.  Totally frustrating though! Anyone else know about this?