Off BCP, no natural AF, and TTC

Hi all!  I'm new here and will be starting TTC in late March or April (I'm in nursing school and will graduate at the end of the year, hence the delay). I'm going to be 28 next month and was on BCP for 10 years. I stopped last June and did not get a period. I went to the doctor in October who put me on Provera for 14 days, which then brought on AF. Then nothing again. I saw my MD again in deuce me for my annual exam and now she has me cycling on Provera. I just was on 14 days, now I'm off 14 days (and wrapping up AF), then I will be on 14 days. Apparently all my hormone levels were normal. Anyone experience anything like this?  I do not think I'm even ovulating although I will be doing OPKs. I don't think I have PCOS. To complicate matters, I am in a LGBT relationship, so I will have to coordinate with a donor, so timing is even more critical.