I think this is finally the month!!

Savanna • Married November 29, 2013. TTC for 4 months.
I have had some serious nausea the last couple of days, and I never have nausea. I have had vivid dreams, which are mostly about children and me being a mommy. I have had headaches galore. Not to mention the vast ray of emotions I've been expierencing. I've had to pee every hour on the hour! The best part to all of this is no af today! She was due today and I usually start at night so that my morning is even worse than most mornings lol but not this time! I've had cramping too which I was sure was a perfect sign of af but not she's not  here! I haven't had a period in 3 months since I was on bc for a long time so I was okay with af coming but hopefully I won't even have to deal with her for almost another year. Please keep me in your prayers!! I'll be testing next weekend. So if there's anybody who wants to test together let me know!