Defectors (ttc)

So here I am! I just left the PD Pro app forum, and you all know why...spam, and the 'moderators' not moderating it! I'm Bree, 31, ttc #2 for 6 months. #1 took 11 months... I'm in Chch nz - anyone else?
​I had the idea on PD that we cld all contribute our fave piece of ttc advice in one thread, cos ppl r regularly asking for advice on new threads. 
My advice is to google Vitex. I have not had success with this supplement yet, but I've researched it and hv now taken it for 2 days and it's supposed to naturally support progesterone to increase the LH (ovulation) phase. It also helps with pms, yay! But can interfere with other meds such as The Pill, anti psychotics, and breast cancer treatment, so do yr research and decide if it's right for u. I love having the chance to support each other thru this stressful phase of ttc, and making new friends, so please join me on this thread! Blessings xox