Experienced newbie

Sarah • Mom of 2 (ages 14&11). TTC #3 since Jan 2014 with new hubby (his first). #1 miscarriage November 2015 :(
Sorry if this seems a little rant-like... I've never posted anything like this before!....
Let me first tell you all how much I'm loving this site and all the positive support through this sometimes long and stressful time. 
I have two children from a previous marriage who are now 10 & 13 years old. I've been through a lot and I've finally found an amazing man and we would are now ready to have our own child. 
He does not have any children of his own but is amazing with my children and I know he will be a great dad. 
We are only in our first month TTC and I'm sure it's my baby fever during this long 2WW but I am hopeful. 
Let me tell you how excited and nervous I am to go through all this again!!.... I don't remember much about the TTC process. I'm also worried about our chances as my BF does have some issues and I cannot get him to see a doctor about it!!
So frustrating!!
Anyone have any similar experiences or advice on how to get your man to talk to a doctor about "performance" issues??