Not sure when next af due ?

Star • Getting married march 2014 have 2 beautiful baby`s ttc 3rd. Ttc 17 months
I had abnormal bleeding that started around dec . 13 and didn't stop till last we'd. But it got heavy for about 10 days wich I think was a period . Thankfully it stopped completely . The app said I ovulated 2 day and those 2days were as soon as I stopped bleeding . I think there was a glitch on everything this month . And im not sure exactly when I will start af again and when I'm ovulating . My cycle days are usually long never the same . And I have Pcos . So I'm just gonna have faith and hope for the best . I've given up obsessing it's over welming I know it will happen when the times right .  Hoping for baby # 3 getting married march 30th :) all in gods timing ☺️