Hello all...

Just wanted to do a quick intro since I will be lurking around. I'm not a big poster, but will chime in occasionally.
​My name is Laura. My hubby and I have just started seriously trying for a baby. We thought back at Christmas that I might be pregnant and decided if I wasn't that we would actually start seriously trying. That conversation was Christmas <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">Eve</a>. A couple of days later my cycle came, and I have begun charting.
​We have been together for about five years, with no birth control for about four and a half of that. I'm 28, so I feel the proverbial clock ticking. Hubby is 14 years older and we have three kids from his first marriage, 17, 16, and 9. They live with their mom.
​I suspect I may have PCOS. I'm use to skipping months when it comes to my cycle. I'm currently overweight, BMI right around 37. I'm also a licensed practical nurse, grammar nut(hence the way the post is written), and a research fanatic when I want something. Hubby laughs and says it seems like I am getting ready for college. But having knowledge, even extra, useless knowledge, gives me comfort, so I just stick my tongue out at him and roll on.
​I'm sorry, this wasn't quick at all. Please forgive the rambling. I look forward to reading through the board and virtually meeting all of you. I do have one request, could someone give me a quick rundown on the abbreviations? I know BBT, CM, and DOP, but some of the others elude me. Thank you all for your patience!