Bbt questions-any advice helps

Hey ladies. I have a few questions that hopefully anyone can help me with. First I want to give a little bit of background that way you don't think I'm crazy when I ask them. :) 
​Ok here goes.. 
​I am currently on birth control (I know I know, why are you on birth control if you want a child?) and I want to start bbt. I am on birth control because my fiancé and I aren't married yet. We both want children but we don't want to end up pregnant in the middle of planning a destination wedding. (Sounds crazy in a sense but we have thought it out a lot) we aren't getting married until Jan of next year. Our destination wedding includes a plane ride and other things that being pregnant isn't really the best option for. If I were to stop taking birth control now and by some miracle get pregnant very quickly, we would have a newborn right before all of this takes place- which would be hectic but ok with me. But if I were to conceive later on I could even be 'about to pop' when the wedding is supposed to happen. And I don't want to travel like that in my last trimester or risk being in a 'strange' place having my child without my doctors etc. It's a crazy situation, I know.  But I want to start charting bbt and other things so that I can get to know my body. 
​Now for my questions.. 
​Is there any point in charting bbt while on bc? 
​Is there any point in charting anything(cervical position, cm, etc) while on bc? 
​Does bc effect how these things are during my cycle? 
​What should I do? Start charting and see what happens or wait til I'm off bc? 
​Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance. 
​Also if you have advice for me about anything that I haven't asked please share it with me. I'm all ears ladies :)