Best gift ever

Expecting testing day to be on our anniversary! 2-20. I'm suppose to be ovulating ...well NOW. We are on month five of trying. It's a bit frustrating being my mother has never needed to "try" and she ended up with 9 (physically born) children. And she's not per say the most qualified parent. ( I mean I know more about the how to's of getting pregnant than she does. It's a bit sad and awkward when a 44 year old woman who has 9 children has to ask her daughter every month when ovulation for her will occurs or even her monthly menatration is) 
My partner and I have been wanting this for so long and we just can't seem to "get it right" it has been a roller coaster of hopes and smashed dreams every time we test. I'm hoping this year I can give him the best gift ever. A positive pregnancy test. Keep us in your prayers.