Im so angry with myself. So so angry. This month was the last month we were going to be able to ttc for a few months. May sound odd but due tothe nature of my work i dont work over the summer, or earn. Sat down last month and worked out if it didnt happen this month then we d have to wait as i cant risk being in my qualifying 8 wks for paternity pay over that time, as we just woildnt be able to cope with £0 maternity pay (i wouldnt even get ssp). The reason im angry is that despite knowing all of this, trsting with opks everyday we have made NO effort to make it happen. We literally had sex once 3 days after positive opk and thats it. What is wrong with me. Usuallu we do it every 1 or 2 days the entire fertile stage. I have totally sabotaged my hopes this month and im so PISSED with myself. I cant near the thought of having to stop trying for a few months.. It just seems rediculous now we have made the decision to male this happen! Anyone else been in a similar situation before or habe some words of wisdom to calm me down! Xxx