Pregnant or PMS?!

Gina • Mommy to a baby boy ❤️
My boyfriend & I have been ttc for 4 months now, but we have been together for longer than that & we were having unprotected sex and he was ejaculating inside of me before we were trying. After taking many many pregnancy tests, I feel like all I will ever see is that stupid negative result line! My friends are getting pregnant by 'accident' or by having unprotected sex once, and they were drinking and eating junk food, and here I am, following my ovulation and trying so hard to eat my fruits and veggies but it hasn't happened yet. I'm 5'2" and 118 so I am not over weight. Anyway, I am due for my period on feb 13 and I have very tender breasts right now, very bad back pain, bloating, I feel a bit sick but not to the point of puking, my head hurts and I just feel blah! So many times I have mistaken pms signs for pregnancy signs but I want your opinion here! Pregnant or pms ?!