7 DPO queries - please help

Lisa • Married 5 years to a wonderful man. Son born 26 Jan 15. Expecting another boy in Nov 16 X
Hi there
​I'm 7 DPO, had sporadic cramping at days 3 & 4 DPO and today, I woke to lots of creamy CM so did an internal check and there was blood on the tip of my finger from touching my cervix.
​Interestingly since starting to check my cervix, it is the softest it has been, felt like plump smooth lips.
​As this is my first proper month TTC, I just wonder if you think AF is coming early or it might be implantation bleeding signs?
​Breasts are a little tender but not as much as around time of O or AF. 
​My cycles are 31-23 days and I'm on CD 27 and O on day 19.
​Thank you