Skipped from "low" to "peak" fertility???

So this is my 2nd month ttc. I started using the Clearblue Advanced Digital tests (SO much cheaper on Amazon btw!).  The last 4 days, I got the empty circle. Today, I got the solid smiley face - but I never got the blinking smiley first. Not sure what that's all about...
​Also - last month I used the strips and had 5 full days of positives (why I switched to digital this month), and we gave up BD'ing the last few nights (we were tired!!). I believe I ovulated the last day I got the positive bc my temp went up after that. 
​So, my question is, do I keep testing? Or do I stop testing, and keep making sure we BD at least every other day until my temp goes up?
​This is so confusing! Any help would be SO appreciated!!