Feel like giving up!!!

Whitney • Proud mom of 3 year old baby girl and baby boy due in December.
I am 22 years old married with a three year old girl. I've been using glow for the past 5 months ttc. I seriously feel like giving up. I feel like I'm not doing anything right! I am a tad overweight and I know that doesn't help along with stressing over getting pregnant again. I have been taking zinc, iron, coq10, and prenatal vitamins. My husband takes a men's multivitamin, zinc, and coQ10. My cycles are crazy some times they will come on time which is usually around the 18th. The past month I had a 39 day cycle!! Took 3 clearblue advanced digital. All negative. The past day after I had my period I am getting bad diarhea and really bad lower back pain. Any advice would be helpful!