First Month on Glow, BFP with an infertility diagnosis!

We have been ttc #1 for 16 months. In January I went to a Fertility center and they ran a bunch of tests. Long story short, I was diagnosed with infertility and PCOS, my husband with low motility and morphology. We were prescribed clomid to take on day 3 of my February cycle. Yesterday at glows insistence I took a HPT and it was BFP! I confirmed with 2 digitals and then ran to get a blood test (will get results tomorrow).
​This was my first cycle using Glow. Thanks to glow I was <a href="">tracking ovulation</a> by taking my BBT, tracking my CM and moods, taking my prenatal vitamins, drinking more water, and BD on my fertile days. Thank you Glow, I truly believe this app helped us finally get our BFP!!!