​I discovered I had an ectopic pregnancy on jan 15 2014.. They did surgery that day .. They were able to save my Fallopian and there wasn't any damage as we caught it in time.. Two weeks lateri got my period on time .. Then just cuz I was curious I used ovulation test strips. ( I honestly didn't think I would ovulate so soon after ) turns out I tested positive for lh surge on the 4th .. I called my surgeon and she gave me to go ahead to start trying again .
​Now it's only been a week since then but I have been sick to my stomach for two mornings so I took 4 preggers test and they all have a faint positive 
​I'm confused if maybe it is hormones left over from the ectopic or am I actually pregnant?
​If it is left over hormones how could I have tested positive for ovulation .. But if it's not left over wouldn't it be to soon to test? I'm not suppose to get my period for another. 6 days 
​Anyone have any thoughts or advice ?