Shaydi • :) baby dust to you all
is this really happening?????:(?ok so my fiancé and I did our best on trying this month, we had sex on the 29th,30th,31st,1st,2ed,4th,6th,8th,9th and 10th after getting a positive ovulation test on the 29th,31st,and 3rd and finding out I was fertile from the 28th-1st and chart says that I ovulated on the 3rd but today witch is 8 days after my estamided ovulation day I got a negative pregnancy test, the ones that say yes or no with a - or a + ​Was it to early to test??? And please tell me if you think it is possible at all, I need cheering up please. Plus I've had mild cramps the past 4 days is that a good sign?