Pregnant after one month of Glow!

I recently gave premature birth to my first child (son) on 11/09/13 I was 21 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately, he didn't make it but I was able to hold and kiss him and just tell him how much mommy loves him. That feeling of giving birth was truly amazing and I knew that I wanted to try again. I spoke to my DH about trying again and he was more than excited to do so lol anywho my dr advised me to track my ovulation but I had to wait for AF to show back up and she did 01/12 so I must have downloaded 5 apps to track ovulation and THANKFULLY Glow was one of them during my FW we did the BD twice a day once in the am and once at night around the 30th I noticed creamy CM and then boom implantation bleeding on the 1,2,3, and 4th along with a little cramping AF was due on 2/10 NOTHING! Took a test and WE'RE PREGNANT AGAIN​this is my son's ultrasound I KEPT THEM TO REMIND ME OF HOW GREAT GOD IS also he use to kick the heck out of me lol. DONT GIVE UP LADIES