CD 9 - Impatient Wannabe Mommy!

Christen • 27 y/o. Married to DH since Dec 2012. As of Jan `14 actively TTC!
Hello! I'm new here! 
My name is Christen and I am 27 years old. My DH and I are on our second month TTC. We have been married since December 2012 and are eager to start our little family! 
Last month we BD every two or three days, but no BFP :( I purchased the Clearblue Advanced Digital OPK and started using it yesterday (CD 8) and recieved a "low fertility" empty circle. Today when I tested (CD 9), I happily recieved the flashing "high fertility" smiley face! I purchased PreSeed to use today and everyday till after Ovulation. 
​I would happily accept any advice, encouragement, or ways to get through this wait!