Maybe baby?

Hello everyone. Here's a bit of info before i ask my question.i am a mother to a beautiful 5 year old little girl.  In nov of last year i was pregnant however at 6 weeks we discovered it was ectopic. I ended up having emergency surgery and lost my left fallopian tube. I got my first cycle after in mid december. It was normal. I got another "period" in jan that was a little odd. (Tmi rightt here sorry!) I only saw blood when i wiped and it was very light. I wasnt in any pain and it lasted 3 days tops. Ive done 2 pregnancy tests and fot two negatives. However im experencing extreme pregnancy symptoms. As well as my lower pelvic region stretching and getting harder day by day. With my ectopic i just felt like i was pregnant, almost like i just knew. Doctors said i was wrong but i was right. Im feeling the same way again and this time my body is showing me as well. Any advice? I feel like i sound crazy but a woman knows her body right? Thank you.