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This page is for the exclusive use of those women/couples who have gotten a positive pregnancy test. It is where they can communicate with each other, compare symptoms and celebrate. Please do not post any TTC questions here. Many of these women also contribute to the TTC and Health pages. Please ask your questions there.

(For example - You have creamy CM. You want to know if other women had creamy CM before they got pregnant. Please ask that question in the TTC page.)

While we are at it - we wanted to thank all the still-TTC users who come in here and regularly congratulate the women who have gotten their BFPs. It's wonderful to see the support and encouragement you provide our community. 

And to all pregnant users: Yeay!!! Congratulations! We are so happy Glow could play some small part in your journey. The more information you provide about your positive result (symptoms, DPO for + test, months TTC vs months using Glow, your BBT chart) the greater a service you will provide the rest of our TTC community. We wish you a healthy and happy 9 months!!!!