CM... Need some insight & opinions

Amber • Mommy to Bryce 12/2/14 & Myla 5/29/17. Expecting baby #3 December 2019!
This is my first month tracking my cm. I haven't dried up at all since ovulation. During ovulation I had ewcm, then after lots & lots of creamy cm, now it's really watery & there's lots of it! Here's the breakdown
CD 13 (peak)- ewcm
​CD 14- not much (ovulation confirmed with BBT(
​CD 15 (opk low)- ewcm (I already ovulated at this point)
​CD 16, 17, 18- lots of creamy cm
​CD 19, 20, 21, 22, 23- really watery & lots of it, at times creamy
​CD 24 (today)- really really watery 
​Temps have not come done yet, actually got my highest temp reading this cycle today. Any thoughts? Is this normal when AF is due?
​AF due Wednesday 2/25. 
​Thanks ladies!