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There are general community guidelines posted in the Glow Support page.  But we are going to post three here that specifically apply to TTC:

1. If you get a positive pregnancy test - you may ONLY post in one of thee places: 1) Your buddy thread. 2) The success stories page. 3) The pinned 'Faint Lines' topic in TTC.

(If you create a new BFP thread in TTC, it will be moved to Success Stories room as soon as an admin sees it.) 

2. If you are going to post a picture of bodily fluids - especially a picture of your implantation bleeding or spotting or cervical mucus - YOU MUST say so in your title.

Example: "What is this? (TMI Picture)."

3. If a thread has of cycle buddies has existed for a while (has more than 100 responses in it), please respect that it belongs to the few women who are participating in that discussion and do not jump in unless specifically asked to join. Having a cycle buddy is a very delicate support system and it does not work if people join late in the cycle. We really appreciate your cooperation on this. 

This is the nicest, most supportive TTC community anywhere and so please help us keep it so. 

Thanks everyone!