Whitney • Proud mom of 3 year old baby girl and baby boy due in December.
Ok so I thought I had it all figured out! I got AF on 2/1/14. The genius said it was time for O on 2/16/14. I had EWCM and real bad cramping on my left side. My BBT went up .4 degrees for about 6 hours. The hubby and I did the bd on 2/14 and 2/16. I've been trying to stay calm this past week. Starting the 23rd I have been CRAVING pickles and pickle juice and lunch meat like no ones business. I have been very gassy too. I am also always tired. I've been taking prenatal and coq10. This morning I had cramping. I don't know what that would be from (gas maybe? Or implantation?). My calender says that my fertile period starts no. So the genius and the calender don't match. Any advise would be helpful! We have been TTC since 8/2014.