REALLY early symptoms of pregnancy

Hi everyone 
​I am wondering what you guys think are some very early signs of pregnancy. I still have a week due for my period, yet I am just not feeling right. 
​We are TTC, and I am hoping these symptoms are just not in my mind
​Firstly, my tummy has not felt right for about two to three days. There is cramping like I am about to get my period. There is almost like a bit of a warmness in my stomach and different sections twinge with all different pains. 
​Also I am exhausted. I get home from work and just want to crawl in to bed and sleep. My emotions are really low, and it is taking all my effort even just to crack a smile!! 
​Also have felt a bit nauseaus. I just don't know if it is TOO early for all these symptoms, given that conception would be only about 10 days ago?  
​It's hard to explain, but I do just feel a bit off.  
​Any thoughts would be appreciated!!