Ovulation confusion :( TTC

PeaCh • - TTC #2 - Endometriosis & Adenomyosis Sufferer - London
so I'm 29 and I have endometriosis-  been having unprotected sex for about 6 months and have not yet conceived as I wasn't even having periods assuming that I also wasn't even ovulating, I haven't had a period in over 6 months but that's from my endometriosis.
​I took a clearblue digital ovulation test about 3 weeks ago and it was low- (O) then I started taking Clomid shortly after-  after 5 days increasing the dose of the clomid to 100mg and took that for a further week. I tested again 3 days ago and finally I was ovulating the solid smiley face means it was my peak- so the day after then and the day after that (so the next two days) I had intercourse. I tested again this morning (3rd day after peak) and it was back to Low (O) .. does this mean I've already ovulated? should I check again tomorrow? I'm worried. thank you in advance for any advice x