Pregnant and period?

Is it possible that I had a short period of two days, and still pregnant? I Definatly had my AF Feb 22, (2 days earlier than expected) started with light bleeding, by the end of the day heavy flow and by the second day it dwindled off to spotting.. Now I am CD 14 and kinda having suspicions. 
Before last AF I had SORE breast, increased appetite, and felt naseous off and on. REALLY thought Feb was going to end with a positve, I tested a little early and got a BFN
Now I don't have any major symptoms except spotting for two days, increase in watery CM before my ovulation date, and I seem to feel sick with quick movements like while I'm driving the car...feel like my stomach is empty and twitching but only when I'm laying down! 
I'm probably over thinking these signs because I want that positve. I'm currently in my TWW from my most recent AF But I'm wondering if I missed a positive from early Feb if that's even possible???