Bfp and what I did to get it

I wanted to share the methods of madness that got me my bfp for all the ladies still trying. This was month 8, my first positive HPT ever in my 30 yr old life and I am so grateful. Best of luck to all you ladies still trying.  
-OPKs - wondfo brand. No temping (drove me crazy)
-Prenatals and fish oil daily for the entire 8 months 
-royal jelly- had just started this a week before my bfp
-Acupuncture for the last 3 months
-Cough expectorant for the entire fertile week
-Pre seed 
Diet: I ate key foods for each part of my cycle like this-
-Also I focused a lot on TWW eating. I ate pineapple for 6 days after ovulation to promote implantation.  Also ate lots of foods with beta-carotene in this phase. 
-switched to decaf coffee
FertilAid for men for the last 3 months
Fish oil daily
Sex this month:
Day before o, o day, and day after. So 3 days in a row. All morning time sex.  
Laid with legs up in the air each time for 20 minutes and did visualizations of sperm meeting egg :)
Hope this helps someone else. I was completely consumed with TTC and wanted this bfp so bad it hurt.