Should I test tomorrow ??

Brittany • Mother to my little man . Wife to his wonderful daddy . 19 .
I test all the time hoping for something . I had a faint faint faint dollar tree test this morn . (Think it was an evap line) I'll be 10-11dpo tomorrow . Not 100% sure when I ovulated but tuseday I started cramping mildly had a pinching pain in my side and lots of milky cm for almost a week now . Today I'm so exhausted and bloated . I look 6 months pregnant . My boobs don't usually feel like anything bec of breast feeding . But I've ha tingling in my nipples the past few days . And they're a little sore and heavy but not enough to be alarmed by it I got very moody this afternoon . Craving apple juice and I bought an equate this afternoon . But I don't know if I should use it or wait till I miss AF . Oh and not to mention I had dreams about fish , and the ocean which represent new life and the growth of the placenta . Idk when AF is due tho .. That's my problem