Oh my God! BFP after 2 BFN

​I'm 34, TTC #2 my son is 3. This past November I found out I was pregnant, we shared with family and friends excited for the future.  Then over Christmas I had a missed miscarriage and D&C.  It was the most devistating experience I have ever been through. For weeks I was on an emotional roller coaster trying to pull myself together and dealing with grief of our loss.
​My AF returned in Jan and with mixed emotions we tried again.  To no avail. I started to wonder about my path and difficulties that weren't a factor before. You take for granted what a miracle life is, and difficulties TTC. I tried to focus on myself and joined a gym with a friend to take my mind off of it for awhile.
​This month we did everything you're suppose to do.  The dreaded TWW, I found Glow this month.  I was looking for support from other women going through similar experiences. When the time came for me to test, I was nervous! The signs were there but every test was negative. 
Yesterday I decided to buy one more test, and a box of Tampons. It was going to be one or the other and I wanted to be prepared.  Got home took the test and BFN, I was crushed, cried the whole bit.  So I put my tampons in the bathroom and waited for AF's arrival...
This morning I woke up expecting my period, and nothing?  What is going on? I am normally very regular and couldn't figure out what my body was up to.
Took a walk with my girlfriend this afternoon and shared my TTC events over the last few days. She told me to test again in a couple days it took her 2-3 days after expected period to show BFP.  
She had a few extra tests at home and gave them to me and said not to worry.
​I just got home still no sign of AF and decided to try one of the tests?! What the heck. I was glued to the window, and mystified when the faint line appeared! BFP! I am in shock, when you convince myself better luck next time, now this.
​I'm so happy...! If you feel like it's not happening for you don't loose hope, you never know what's around the corner.  Find a distraction from all the stress and worry.  It will happen when you stop looking for it.
​I'm praying that this pregnancy is successful. 
Blessings and baby dust to you all✨