Symptoms? Or lack there of?!

Arielle • Mom to an angel, Quinn Jordan 💗 (11.29.14) and Bennett Ace 💙 (8.2.19)
I know it is still super super early but I can't help but be a little worried that I have not had much for symptoms yet! I just found out I was pregnant yesterday however I never thought I'd get a bfp due to my lack of symptoms! Last time I got a bfp (ended in mc) my boobs were sore, I was EXHAUSTED, and I had food aversions, all within the week or so that I found out! I was tired and my boobs were sore before I even got my bfp last time even so it makes me nervous! Any other women just not have symptoms and be fine? I'm sure that at this point, I should just enjoy it because I am sure they are still coming!