DOR, 4 years and 80k of failed treatment

Does anyone have any success stories with DOR (AFC = 3 total, FSH = 13). Just looking for people like me. We are finally going to try acupuncture because we're out of money and waiting years to save money to try treatment in DC at Shady Grove.
​We've done 2 or 3 IUIs. Had 2 IVFs cancelled and converted to IUIs in addition to previous IUIs. One of those was with DHEA, which was a nightmare for me. We even did 2 donor egg cycles that were epic failures (all eggs died on thaw the first time and the second time half survived  but no PG). That was $80k over 2 years. It's been 2 years since we did any treatment. We got PG naturally last summer but it ended at 5 weeks so don't really know how to feel about that. 
​Just found out my SIL is PG again, so that was hard. Not sure if we want to quit altogether or go hard at unlikely solutions.