You know believe what I told my husband!

I told my husband that he doesn't have enough semen! Even after 2 days of not ejaculating, his semen is little, like roughly a tea spoon & now he is mad at me, I didn't mean to hurt him at all,I know men take their manhood seriously.. 
​But he pisses me off, I asked for sex since we are TTC now & I told him we have a 7% chance today to concieve & said no, his excuse is that I'm "spotting" ! 
​We had sex while I was spotting before so I don't know what he is talking about. 
​He reminded me that I told him let's have sex in my fertile week or till we have a + OPK & I snapped & told him that I only said that because you don't seem like you ejaculate a lot & he started yelling at me, I don't care if he yells but he hurt me constantly & I don't say anything! But today I didn't care & just said it! What I said IS TRUE, he says don't expect me to ejaculate a lot each time, but the truth is,he never ejaculate a lot! If we haven't had sex in 2-3 months (because of long distant) he ejaculates like one table spoon & not a full one either. He used to have a lot , 5 years ago maybe it looked like mini pool, but now it changed..
​I told him his ejaculation used to look like a pool, & he said I don't know what are you talking about because it was never like a pool, I said yeah sorry it's wrong person then! Even though he is my first & last till this day! 
​He pisses me off a lot & maybe I shouldn't have said what I said but it sucks to not have a partner who understands you :-(