DH rant!!

Monica • I`m a 25 year old military wife and mother to our 5 year old son, Rylan and our sweet Maci born 7-17-15.
Where do I start??
First, he's has a cold for a while now and I swear he leaves gross snotty tissues ALL OVER THE HOUSE!! God I'm so sick of picking them up from the most random places!! Second, he did HIS laundry this morning to take on the boat (he's a coastie), well I go to wash my clothes just now and start to fold the ones in the hamper and they smell not like laundry soap/clean an I KNOW those are rylans (our 3yr old) clothes I put in the washer yesterday (but didn't start it yet) so I ask him if those are clean and he says no. So WTF the dirty clothes I had in the washer to wash he takes out and does his two loads (which only takes him until 10:30am) he doesn't bother to wash them. Plus the dirty clothes he laid on top of CLEAN sheets I now I have to rewash. UGH! Okay third, he starts taking the living room Xbox apart and putting it in his backpack so I ask what's he doing, when he tells me he is packing it to take to the boat for the trip. So I ask why because then we can't watch netflix or Hulu in there while he is gone. He tells me we have the xbox one IN THE BEDROOM! So I ask what happened to the white xbox he has on the boat which he tells me it's broke. So meanwhile we have to go without xbox in the living room while he is gone and I'm pissed because that's where we watch most tv. Today he is on my LAST NERVE! Sorry to vent but OMG!! Tell me I'm not being irrational? Maybe it's hormones, AF is due March 25 or maybe (hopefully) pregnancy hormones..