Hi Glow community, my name's Louise I'm 24 and from Sweden

Louise • Pregnant with baby #1. I am 24 and have PCOS.
Hi Glow community, my name's Louise I'm 24 and from Sweden. After barely five months of trying and having found out this months that I may have PCOS, this BFP came as a glorious happy surprise to hubby and me, I wasn't even going to test this time due to my very long cycles I've had since December. Been tracking with glow since December as well, and it's definitely helped me in the sense that it's sorta helped to keep me sane and I've loved the little tasks and the insights, and then ofcourse I must've hit ovulation in February too!! So uh thanks Glow? Thanks for the app and thanks for the oppertunity I've had to shyly stalk the forums reading and feeling relieved that others felt and feels the same way I did/do!  
​I'm almost six week pregnant ( I am one of those that just can't believe it!) and due Nov 14th when I calculate it myself and I found out 12 hours ago! I keep looking at the test just to see that the line is still there lol and it is! Going to the dr later today to get confirmation and an appointment. Anyone else has felt like