Still skeptical but it's a pink line...

I got off the pill in October 2013 but we didn't start trying until mid-December. I'm 31, DH is 30. My cycles after the pill were still unpredictable, with 28, 25, 31, and then 37 days. I only started temping the most recent cycle on CD 16, but I must have ovulated earlier than I thought because I had high-ish temps and never saw a spike. I got my "period" on CD 25 this month, without seeing a drop in temp, and was so upset at my troll body. Period lasted for three days, light but heavier than spotting. But I had no other AF symptoms - no cramping at all, no cravings, no sore boobs.
I didn't temp during my "period" because we went out of town, but I started back on what I thought was CD4. My temp had not dropped! I kept up for a few more days but it remained high. After an uncontrollably emotional
Sob session, I decided to take a test, just in case. Using FMU and a dollar store test, no line showed (would have been around 12-13 dpo) within the first 4min. I jumped in the shower and forgot about it. But when I got out, here was the faintest hint of a pink line. Hubs didn't see it and I couldn't be sure whether it was an evap or positive. I thought I was crazy and obsessed about it all day.
​Last night, I convinced him to indulge my  crazy and we picked up some Dollar Tree tests. With FMU this morning, a BFP appeared in about two minutes, faint at first but stronger as minutes passed. I used the same urine 
for two more tests to be sure. The next two were fainter than the first but obviously there. What a surprise after my "period"!
​Attached is a pic. I'm still skeptical and plan on a digital test tomorrow a.m. To be sure sure.