Seasonique - cycle adjusting

Wanted to make a post about this birth control to see if anyone experienced anything similar while taking it.
​I know your body takes some time to readjust after taking bc. That being said, I took seasonique for three years and am slightly regretful. I stopped taking bc in August, and didn't see a period until October which was alarming. 
As my body adjusted, my period cycles have steadily regulated. I went from a 44 day cycle (after the cycle mentioned above) to 40 to 35 to 33. I am not sure the length of my cycle this month. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant, so the time in between cycles has been grueling.
Glow evidently takes an average of all cycles that are recorded which makes sense, but is confusing me on when I am ovulating. I have used opks, but missed a few days last week. All came out negative that I did take, and because of my cycle history, Glow is estimating my fertile period to be this week (cd 21). 
​Is it likely that I ovulated last week since my cycles have steadily decreased, or would my cycle fluctuate longer this month for some reason? 
​Anyone take this bc and experience this issue?