1 day late BFN, is there still hope?

Hi ladies! Help! Anyone else a day or so late with similar symptoms? Today makes 15 dpo and still BFN. Ive been very regular the past 3 months with 31 day cycles. AF starts like clockwork on CD32(actually CD1). Past 3 months O on CD17 and have a 14 day LP. I haven't had any new stressors and my schedule has remained exactly the same all three months.
​This past week I've noticed a few things. I've been really gassy and irritable the past few days but today, my mood seems to be improving. Still a little short but not raging like A few days ago. Also Thurs-sat I had very watery cm, but Sunday and today it's more creamy (sorry TMI). I have little twinges down there but no major cramping like it normally does before AF. Other than that no other symptoms AF or pregnancy related :-( starting to think AF is just being cruel and decided to be a few days late this month?