Preconception appointment went well

GlendaG • Started TTCing for #1 in Nov 2013 Married June 2014 stopped TTCing Dec 2015 now just living
Had my first apt with the fertility dr. They did an ultrasound and said everything looks like it should right after ovulation. He wants me to get labs done on CD 3 which should be around the 7th of April. And go in to see him on the 10th. Since he wasn't able to look at my tubes today he wonders if maybe that is my issue if there is an issue. I O'd on Friday so maybe in two weeks I find baby dust on my pillow instead of lab work papers. Plus side the facility will remain the same for fertility issues, pregnancy and high risk issues. It is also in the Hospital I would deliver in if... No WHEN I deliver a child. Funny side note he called my man "a proven vet" because he's had a child.