5 Reasons to add your men to Glow

Gunce • Head of research at Glow. Unwilling infertility expert. 2 kids after 6 IVF treatments.

So many of us feel that men shouldn't really be a part of this process. It kills the mood if they know when we ovulate. Too much info for them...so on and so forth.  

BUT...there is a big but...you would not believe the amount of positive feedback we get from our male users. They LOVE being involved and seeing some of the mysteries of this process solved. After a few months of TTC, they feel just as overwhelmed as we do. And they want answers too. 

So we wanted to ask you to reconsider asking them to join-up with you. Here is why:

1. Almost 40% of infertility is attributed to men. There are things that HE could be doing to help his little boys swim better. Glow tells them what they are. The same way you get tasks and insights - MEN get their own tasks and insights. 

For example we tell them things like: "Poor sleep can affect your sex life and even your fertility. One study found that men who reported higher sleep disturbances had 29% decreased sperm count and an increased likelihood of fewer morphologically normal sperm. So try and get better sleep!" 

2. Glow makes sure that they know what you are feeling. They get alerts when you are sad or anxious. And that's a good thing. That tells them that this process is hard on you and that they need to be understanding and supportive. 

3. Glow doesn't just task men with fertility-related tasks. We also tell them to vacuum and empty the dishwasher.  I kid you not. Studies have conclusively proven that when Men help a little bit, women have more time to relax, unwind and look forward to baby dancing. More sex = greater chance of conception. 

4. Having them know your fertility schedule, gets men on the same page. You start working towards a common goal together. One male user wrote us and thanked us saying: "I felt so useless before. And now I don't. I know when my wife's ovulation is about to happen. I know why she is stressed and anxious. I know her body so much better now. And it really helps me to do my part." 

5. There are certain things Glow still keep a secret. Like they will never know if you orgasm.  And you can disconnect them at any time. 

PS. Here is how you add them on. Click on the ME page. Click on SETTINGS. Find INVITE PARTNER and click on it. Fill in their email address and name and they will get an email from you. Then all they have to do is download the app and create an new account with that email. You two will be automatically connected. Woo hoo! 

Do I have you convinced? If not, why not? What other things should Glow do to truly be a partner app - and make men feel like a part of this incredible journey?