Hump Day Health Hint

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Did you know how you sleep matters?

Stomach sleepers are at a greater risk for wrinkles because their faces are repeatedly pushed in the same position. They are also at risk for neck strains.

Research has shown that sleeping on the left side can relieve heartburn symptoms while right side sleeping can make symptoms worse and even lead to acid reflux.

While it may feel comfortable sleeping with your body curved in the fetal position can restrict breathing and compress vital organs causing poor blood circulation.

Making sleep more comfortable along with some slight changes to your sleeping habits can actually improve your health:+ For the back sleeper, the best solution is put a pillow underneath the knees. The pillow reduces stress on the lower back and another well placed pillow under the head can help open up the airway to reduce snoring.

+ For side sleepers, a pillow under the head and neck, and another in between the knees can reduce stress on the hips and spine.

+ For the stomach sleeper, which is the absolute worst position,try sleeping on very flat pillow. The flat pillow reduces pressure on the neck, and a pillow under the hips can alleviate stress on the back. If you want to retrain your body to sleep in a completely different position experts suggest a device called ‘the sleep strap’.

Experts agree that sleeping on your back is the best position because your weight is evenly distributed which minimizes pressure points and ensures proper alignments of the internal organs.

What position do you sleep in?