Early AF?? Going Crazy!

Aly • 28 With 2 Glow Babies! Feb ‘15 and March ‘17. Considering adding one last baby to our bunch!
So this cycle has been all around crazy. I have been tracking my cycles for almost a year now and have been able to predict, almost to the day, when AF is expected based off of changes in CM and CP. We also use this method exclusively for pinpointing  ovulation. 
​This cycle I was almost 100% sure I O'd around March 17th and was expecting  AF by the 31 or April 1. I was feeling extremely optimistic about this cycle as I felt that we had timed BD almost perfectly.
​The following may be a bit TMI.  
​On 7dpo, while checking cm/cp I noticed that there was a tiny big of  red/pink in my cm. I automatically got excited and thought maybe it was implantation?!? I didn't have much more of that the rest of the next. The next morning, on 8dpo I checked in the morning and it seemed more red and like it might be the start of AF :( I put a tampon in and waited for the cramping to start. I never started cramping and only had a little blood when I checked it later (so sorry for the details... Ugh). Today I've had the same sort of thing. Maybe 1/4 of a tampon with NO cramps and I ALWAYS cramp, and AF always comes with a vengeance. Also no sore breasts and I always have that too. 
​I'm assuming I should just chalk this up to an early AF ad move on, but it is so unusual.. I've never had bleeding before 13dpo! Has anyone ever had this?? 
​Thanks girls!