plus side to getting my period

How does one cheer themselves up when the Aunt Flo decides to ruin everything? 
​What I did 
​First night I got it, I felt sorry for myself, had half a block of kit kat chocolate for dinner with a glass of wine.. While watching the crime channel Ok that's not very positive. 
​I woke up the next morning, still feeling sad. But then.. I thought..
​1. It's only my third month of trying. Stop being impatient! 
​2. How flat does my tummy look not my pre-period bloat has gone away? Might wear those new jeans I have. 
​3.  Ooh my online shopping has arrived! All these XS size clothes I bought will get at least another two months of being worn.
​4. Got myself a v (caffeinated energy drink) and went for a drive listening to bad 80s pop music singing my lungs out.
​Ok that all seems a bit shallow. But hey it's early days of trying. I'll get there! Yes it sucked getting my period but at least I got it. Some people don't get have a cycle and can't even get pregnant at all! I still have a chance. I still have hope. And I'll keep trying!  
​And you should too :)