Those annoying comments?

Louise • Pregnant with baby #1. I am 24 and have PCOS.
I got this idea to ask others here in the preggers part of the forum if any of you all lovelies have tried something like this... One, or more annoying or fun/cute/silly perhaps even slightly stupid comment you've gotten from people since announcing your pregnancy? 
​I got this thought because I thought it could be fun to share experiences on this and if it's been done before I apologize in advance. 
​So my stepmom and I were talking on the phone and she asked me how I was doing in general, and I told her of what kind of new symptoms I've been having in my pregnancy, and said that my sense of smell was so so strong I almost felt like puking due to someone's cologne while I was in the supermarket , and I could smell nail varnish on my bathroom bin even though it's been months and months since I've even used that AND I clean the bin often - I told her this and she just said "Well you probably could've smelled all that stuff before too, don't you think? You're just over reading things." Sigh. No I don't think so, at least it didn't bother me before at all and I asked my hubby if he could smell it and I was over there holding my arm to my face while he just shook his head haha. 
​Then I had one other similar experience where I told my dad I was tired constantly lately and I could really feel my hormones flying around almost and my body slowly changing, and he just commented: "you also have had a few things on your mind lately, and maybe the job is stressful too?" Like no. Staph! I'm fine in all aspects and no other changes than the fact that I am pregnant! That's why I am tired and floopy and a little moody and I can smell what everyone is having for dinner in the neighborhood before they know it themselves lol! 
​So that's my experiences and I thought that they're alright to share and kinda cute, as it was all well meant from both people involved hah but it just made me quirk a brow in the moment and then after I ranted to a friend who's also had a baby recently and that helped keep me sane as well :) 
​Have any of you tried something similar to me? I'd love to hear it.