Pull out method

Ive been with my boyfriend for 11 months now, around a month ago we started having sex using condoms. However hes put it in before without a condom for a few seconds (and I made sure I wasnt ovulating during that time). Though now he seems to not want to use a condom anymore because he says he doesn't feel anything, he's always seemed to enjoy it and came quite quickly sometimes ( I'm his first sexual relationship, he's mine too), which is okay. However he seems to have full trust in the pull out method, and personally I know all about how unreliable it can be to some people, and I really don't want kids. I can't really get on any sort of birth control right now because I'm still 16 and if my mum found out I'm having sex she'd never let me out with him again. She's quite old fashioned. I've tried to explain how scared I am of pregnancy when using the pull out method, however it is 96% effective when always done right, which is only 2% less than condoms, which really confuses me considering the controversial arguments that come up when it's mentioned.