After 3yrs I finally got checked I feel good

Nae • TTC Feb 2020- found out I have PCOS
After TTC for 3 yrs I got brave and not embarrassed and talked to my doctor and her nurse about not knowing if I am able to I went yesterday and today she told me to Come back and get an ultrasound done so I did and they told me that everything looked very healthy and I can conceive I don't have anything to worry about so now ever since I left there I just been so happy and excited and it's like it took a big load off of me because I know it's hard to talk about it and It's really not easy but now that I've got it done and I know I don't have anybody to share my exciting news with because I was too ashamed to talk about it before. I am just so happy I got this done and hopefully this month will be my month to conceive. I just feel happier I'm much more excited and I'm not stressed I don't feel stressed I just feel happy and relaxed so maybe that was a big part of it not happening but now that I know I'm fine so hopefully things will go great for this month I'm actually ovulating in about two days. So to everyone who is afraid to talk to the doctor or someone about it just do it just talk to them and however you want to bring the situation up in a joking matter or whatever just do it it's a great thing and might help you relieve a lot of stress so just do it. And come back and share any stories with me because I'll be happy to hear them and I'll be happy to tell you more about mine it was it's it's a bad feeling is not good it's it's the worst feeling in the world TTC and you can't so that's why we are all here to talk to each other to help each other get through this