4 days of positive ovulation tests - help

I found out at 5 weeks (sept 1st) that I had miscarried. By Sept. 9th my HCG level was at 2. Fast forward to this last weekend Sept 13th I got my first positive opk test. Sunday, Monday, and again today I also had positive OPKs. Very positive, the test line was much darker than the control line. We are ttc as my doctor agreed we would be ok to try again this early being that my hcg level was low enough and we are both emotionally ready and I am physically ready as well. My question is...why would I have LH surge so many days in a row? Is my body trying to ovulate and it's just not happening, or is it normal to have a LH surge last a few days? Unfortunately I have not been taking my temp so I don't have additional info to help. I did feel cramping on Saturday that felt like ovulation cramps but I could be wrong. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank You!!