First appointment with ob/gyn

Anney • Married April 2013; I`m 26 husband 28 just started ttc last week
Ladies I need help ASAP i have my appointment with the ob/gyn tomorrow morning for the first time in my life . I have been ttc since last month but I have symptoms of pcos I missed my period for the first time this month and got all bfns which is very ironic but anyways I really need advise on my first appointment I really don't know what and how to respond to ob/gyns questions and what to do if she tells me it's too early for me to worry since I just started ttc , I have been married for a year and a half do you guys think I should just lie to her about it ? What should I be telling her like how to tell her my situation I'm really nervous if someone can help me with their experience before tomorrow morning I would really appreciate it . Thanx in advance